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Top 3 Reasons Men Undergo Plastic Surgery

Posted July 02, 2018 in Male Plastic Surgery

It comes as no surprise that, in recent decades, many men have started seeking plastic surgery to enhance their physical appearance. While most people associate plastic surgery with procedures for women, men can feel just as concerned about their bodies. Whether it is changing the shape of their nose or resculpting the chest, it is […]

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Facelift vs. Non-surgical Options

Posted May 28, 2018 in Facelift, Facial fillers

As we go through the aging process, men and women begin seeking ways to rejuvenate the appearance of their face in hopes of regaining their youthfulness. Whether done through plastic surgery or non-surgical treatments, there are many options to choose. However, recent studies have shown more and more people, usually younger patients, are leaning toward […]

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Do I Have Male Breasts or Just Fat?

Posted April 17, 2018 in Gynecomastia

Men of all ages who develop feminine looking breasts over the years may often feel insecure about their masculinity and appearance. A feminine-looking chest can often be caused by two conditions: pseudogynecomastia or gynecomastia. These conditions, along with genetics, medical issues, or certain lifestyle choices, usually result in glandular tissue growth or fat accumulation in […]

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(Infographic) Facelifts v. Fillers: What’s Right for You?

There are differences between Fillers and Facelifts. They aren’t always understood. And understanding what procedure is appropriate for your age is perhaps the biggest question of them all. Hopefully, this infographic can help add some clarity.

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