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Breast Augmentation Complications: Know the Signs

Warning Signs of Breast Augmentation Complications

Textured or saline implants can sometimes result in the implant showing visible rippling through the skin.

Breast augmentation can be a wonderful thing. It has been shown to increase self-esteem, positive body image, sexual satisfaction, and overall life satisfaction. However, breast implants are not intended to last a lifetime, and most will eventually need to be replaced. Although the risk of complications is low, here are some problems that can arise and the signs to look out for.


Many are surprised to learn that the most common reason for breast revision surgery is dissatisfaction in the size of the implants. Imagining the results beforehand can be difficult, and afterward, it may take some time to adjust. However, if you have realistic goals and recognize that it can take several months to a full year for the implants to fully settle in place, your risk of dissatisfaction will be low. Dr. Baker is a professional board-certified plastic surgeon and will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are satisfied with the results of your breast augmentation. From the outset, he will talk with you at length about your size expectations as well as your anatomic realities. In surgery, unlike many other surgeons, Dr. Baker takes the extra time needed to use an intraoperative implant sizing method to determine the best implant fit for your body and the one that optimizes your aesthetics.


Textured or saline implants can sometimes result in the implant showing visible rippling through the skin. The larger the implant, the greater the risk of rippling, especially if your natural breast tissue is thin. Dr. Baker can perform breast revision surgery to correct this if it happens.


Deflation or rupture can occur with certain kinds of implants. With saline implants, a leak poses no health risk and is noticeable immediately. With silicone implants, a rupture may only be detected by MRI testing. If this condition occurs, Dr. Baker can perform breast revision surgery to replace one or both of your implants.

Capsular Contracture

The body's natural reaction to foreign objects like breast implants is to build a capsule or scar tissue around them. In a small percentage of patients, this capsule may tighten around the implant and cause it to distort its appearance. This complication is called capsular contracture, and a warning sign is hardening of the implant. You can reduce the likelihood of this happening by performing regular breast massages for three months after the initial two week recovery period. Severe capsular contracture can be corrected with revision surgery to remove the implant.

Nipple Sensitivity

If a periareolar incision is chosen, nipple sensitivity may temporarily decrease immediately after surgery. Long-term, however, this is uncommon unless the implants are oversized. Dr. Baker does not recommend excessively large breast implants because they can stretch the nerves and decrease sensation.


Over time, noticeable breast sagging or ptosis may happen after breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Baker can easily correct this surgically.

Surgical Complications and Recovery

Any surgery presents some risks. Some people's bodies do not react well to anesthesia. Some experience a hematoma or poorly healing incisions. Scarring and inflammation can occur, along with redness, bruising, swelling, and irritation. Infections may occur in a small percentage of patients. To greatly reduce your risk for any of these complications, you should be aware of your body, follow Dr. Baker's recovery recommendations as precisely as possible, and contact him if you have any concern.

Although breast augmentation complications can occur, Dr. Baker does everything in his power to prevent them. For most patients, there are no complications with breast augmentation. However, it is important for you to be attentive to your body and to be completely open with Dr. Baker about any concerns you may have. Dr. Baker will gladly discuss all aspects of your surgery and recovery with you, which will help alleviate your worries.

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