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Breast Implant Removal in Miami, FL

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Breast Implant Removal With Dr. Baker in Miami, FL

Breast implant removal has been performed on women who experience dissatisfaction with the results of previous breast surgery or those whose implants have reached their expiration. In recent years, however, Miami board-certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Baker has noticed an increase in breast implant exchange amongst younger patients who are interested in downsizing or upgrading their implants. Whatever the reason for this change, breast implant removal or exchange restores and enhances breast appearance as well as patient comfort after an initial breast augmentation.

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Correct or Improve Previous Results

What is breast implant removal?

In a breast implant removal surgery, expired implants or implants you are unhappy with are removed in order to return your breasts to a more natural size and shape. You may also opt to replace unsatisfactory, leaking, or expired implants with new ones to give you the shape, volume, and lift you desire. Whether you had surgery results that did not match your vision, or it is simply time to remove old implants, we can help you get the breasts you want with breast implant removal.

Implant Removal with Dr. Stephan Baker

Choosing the right surgeon is crucial to the success of any surgery. Dr. Stephan Baker is an internationally renowned board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast augmentation, breast implant removal, and breast implant exchange in Miami, FL. Patients appreciate his warmth, expertise, and highly-skilled and individualized approach to planning and executing each and every procedure.

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“I do every procedure three times. I do it all in my head in advance. I do the actual surgery. I review it all from start to finish to look for ways to improve. This way, each procedure I do is my best work.”

Dr. Stephan Baker

What Can Breast Implant Removal Do?

Reasons to Undergo Breast Implant Removal

Breast Implant Removal
Without Replacement

Breast implant removal may be pursued for various reasons, often stemming from personal preferences, health considerations, or changes in lifestyle. Individuals may opt for removal if they no longer desire the appearance or feel of breast implants, seeking to return to their natural breast size and shape. Health concerns such as implant-related complications, including capsular contracture, implant rupture, or infection, may also prompt the decision to undergo removal to alleviate discomfort or mitigate potential risks.

Resize, Revise, or Correct Previous Results

For patients who don't wish to do a permanent implant removal and decide that their original implants are either too small or too large, or for those who desire to change the shape, texture, or material of the implants, breast implant exchange can increase result satisfaction. Some of the reasons people seek breast implant exchange are:

  • To adjust implant size or material
  • For replacing aging implants
  • To fix complications after previous breast cosmetic surgery

Am I a Candidate for Breast Implant Removal?

Determining candidacy for breast implant removal involves considering various factors such as individual goals, health status, and reasons for wanting the procedure. Generally, individuals who are dissatisfied with the appearance or feel of their breast implants, experiencing complications such as capsular contracture or implant rupture, or seeking to address changes in lifestyle or preferences may be candidates for breast implant removal. A consultation with Miami Breast Implant Removal specialist, Dr. Baker, is the first step to determining your candidacy.

Feel Confident in Your Choice

Breast Implant Removal Consultation

Selecting a surgeon to perform your breast implant removal surgery is an important decision that can determine the success of your outcome. Having honed his surgical techniques over decades in practice, Dr. Baker is an insightful and thorough practitioner who cares about giving you results that make you look and feel your very best. He strives to deliver the best breast implant removal Miami has to offer. At your consultation, you will discuss your surgical goals and receive personalized recommendations for different breast revision options. Past patients are as pleased with Dr. Baker’s skill, professionalism, and compassion as they are with their beautiful results.

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Expert Breast Revision

Breast Implant Removal Preparation and Procedure

Breast implant removal is an outpatient procedure that surgeons generally perform under general anesthesia. In most circumstances, Dr. Baker may be able to use the same incisions as the previous augmentation to minimize the extent of scarring. During this procedure, Dr. Baker first removes the implant from the breast pocket. If complications, such as rupture or capsular contracture, were the cause of implant dissatisfaction, the surgeon will remove the ruptured material or contracting scar tissue as well. From here, the doctor will tighten the surrounding tissue and skin in a breast lift before closing the incisions.

Love Your Breasts

Breast Implant Removal Recovery, Results, and Aftercare

Following surgery, we wrap your chest in a compression garment. This garment will reduce swelling, help promote circulation, and aid in the recovery process. You should expect some bruising, swelling, and minor discomfort post-surgery. Oral pain medication remedies this discomfort in the initial days of your recovery period. Most of our Miami breast implant removal patients return to work and their regular schedules within one week as the breast explant procedure is often not as invasive as their original breast augmentation surgery; however, patients should refrain from upper body activity or strenuous exercise routines for four weeks until the healing process is complete.

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Maintaining your best implant removal results

The results of your breast implant removal surgery will become apparent as soon as the bruising and swelling subside. While this generally happens within the first couple of weeks, it can take upwards of three months for all of the residual swelling to disappear. Once healed, you can enjoy restored confidence and satisfaction with the appearance of your breasts. You will be provided with detailed aftercare instructions. However, we are on hand to answer questions or discuss concerns about your procedure at any time. We want you to be thrilled with your results and have a safe recovery and smooth surgical outcome.

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How Much Does Breast Implant Removal Cost?

Your procedure will be customized to address your unique requirements and objectives. Breast Implant Removal costs may vary depending on whether or not you are having your old implants replaced with new ones, whether you combine any other procedures with your removal surgery, and what type of new implants you select (if applicable). Schedule a consultation with Dr. Baker to discuss your options and receive a price estimate.

Breast Implant Removal Frequently Asked Questions

As with any surgery, there is a risk of scarring, bleeding, infection, hematoma, and other adverse reactions. There is also a risk of an unsatisfactory or asymmetrical outcome necessitating another follow-up surgery. Selecting a highly-qualified surgeon to perform your implant removal or exchange can help reduce these risks.

If your original breast augmentation was done for cosmetic reasons, insurance companies will not cover their removal or replacement. Contact your provider with specific questions about coverage.

When breast implants are removed, the breasts undergo changes that vary depending on factors such as the duration of implant placement or the size of the implants. Generally, the breasts may return to their pre-implant size and shape, although some degree of sagging may occur. Depending on individual goals and preferences, Dr. Baker can perform a breast lift during implant removal to address any changes in breast appearance or to achieve desired aesthetic outcomes.

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Yes. You will be under general anesthesia for your procedure and will need to arrange for a ride home.

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