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Blepharoplasty in Miami, FL

More Alert, Youthful Eyes

Blepharoplasty With Dr. Stephan Baker in Miami, FL

Do you look youthful and alert? Or do you appear older, tired, or grumpy, even when you feel fine? If you have droopy eyelids or excess skin around your eyes and eyelids, blepharoplasty can smooth and tighten this critical area. Miami blepharoplasty specialist Dr. Stephan Baker is board-certified by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Baker performs customized upper and lower eyelid surgery, or eyebrow lifts, as well as other popular cosmetic surgeries at a hospital-accredited outpatient surgery center in Miami, Florida.

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Cosmetic and Functional Benefits

What is blepharoplasty?

The skin around the eyes is one of the most critical areas for facial aesthetics because it affects the look of the entire face. Loose skin, heavy bags, and volume loss can cause you to look older, moody, or tired, while rejuvenated eyes allow you to appear youthful and refreshed. Blepharoplasty is the medical term for cosmetic eyelid surgery, which is a procedure that is performed to treat signs of aging, such as excess eyelid skin, poor fat distribution, and weak muscles in the upper or lower eyelids. Functional blepharoplasty or ptosis repair is performed on the upper eyelids to remove excess tissue that is blocking the field of vision due to age, injury, or another condition. Other procedures can be performed alongside the eyelid procedure, such as the brow lift or facelift, to meet the aesthetic goals of Dr. Baker’s blepharoplasty patients.

Why Choose Dr. Baker for Blepharoplasty in Miami?

Dr. Stephan Baker is known as a blepharoplasty expert, emphasizing both honesty and integrity in his practice. He dedicates his time to helping patients look and feel their best with cosmetic eyelid surgery and is also proud to offer beautiful, natural results. Patients can place their trust in Dr. Baker’s skill, artistry, and over 20 years of experience.

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“I do every procedure three times. I do it all in my head in advance. I do the actual surgery. I review it all from start to finish to look for ways to improve. This way, each procedure I do is my best work.”

Dr. Stephan Baker

Getting Ready for Your Procedure

Blepharoplasty Preparation and Procedure

Preparing for Blepharoplasty Surgery

Our Miami Blepharoplasty patients will receive eyelid surgery preparation instructions during their initial consultation with Dr. Baker. He may request lab testing or a medical evaluation with your general practitioner prior to your blepharoplasty procedure. You may need to adjust certain medications, stop smoking, and avoid herbal supplements, aspirin, and anti-inflammatory drugs that can increase the risk of bleeding and bruising.

Blepharoplasty Procedure

Dr. Baker performs outpatient blepharoplasty with local anesthesia and IV sedation at a hospital-accredited outpatient surgery center. There are two different types of blepharoplasty: upper and lower eyelid lifts. Depending on their goals, patients may choose one or the other, or the procedures can be performed together.

Upper Eyelid Lift

Firstly, Dr. Baker creates an incision in the natural crease of the top lid to reduce visible scarring. He then removes excess skin and unwanted fat deposits and repositions the remaining tissue to refresh the appearance of the eyelid and allow greater visibility. Lastly, he removes only the necessary amount of skin, which protects the eyes’ ability to close properly.

Lower Eyelid Lift

Dr. Baker places an incision just below the lash line in order to reduce scarring, removes excess eyelid skin, and lifts the lower lid. Dr. Baker may also create an incision along the inside of the lower eyelid using a transconjunctival approach. This incision is entirely invisible and is used to remove or reposition excess fat pockets in the lower eyelid that are causing under-eye fat bags and a puffy appearance.

The Eyes Are the Window to the Soul

Benefits of Blepharoplasty

Drooping eyelids and excess fat erase the natural crease in the eyelid, aging the face and causing the eyes to look puffy and tired. Upper and lower eyelid lift surgery can:

  • Remove excess skin from the upper lid area
  • Minimize puffiness or under-eye bags
  • Provide a more rested appearance
  • Create a defined eyelid crease
  • Remove drooping skin from the upper eyelids to improve vision
  • Restore a smooth upper eyelid
  • Improve self-esteem, as well as self-confidence

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Are you a candidate for cosmetic eyelid surgery in Miami?

You may be a blepharoplasty candidate if you are healthy and have puffy upper eyelids that cause your eyes to look tired and sad or fine lower eyelid wrinkles, bags under the eyes, or also hooded upper eyelids. These signs of aging are commonly treated with blepharoplasty. Dr. Stephan Baker is highly experienced and provides outstanding, natural-looking results for his eyelid lift patients.

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The Difference is Clear

Your Blepharoplasty Consultation

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Baker specializes in eyelid surgery and facial rejuvenation. Your blepharoplasty consultation is the best time to ask questions and discuss your cosmetic goals while keeping realistic expectations. During your consultation with Dr. Baker, he will evaluate your general health and review your health history to determine any possible risk factors.

He will also provide you with before and after photos of past eyelid surgery patients and discuss brow lifts and other options that he may recommend adding to your treatment plan. He will examine your face and eyes, discuss eyelid surgery options, and recommend the best course of treatment. Dr. Baker has more than 20 years of experience performing cosmetic surgeries, such as brow lifts, facelifts, and blepharoplasty, in Miami, FL. Call (305) 381-8837 to request a blepharoplasty consultation with cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Baker.

Refreshed and Ready for the Day

Blepharoplasty Recovery, Results, and Aftercare

Dr. Baker will instruct you on the application of cold compresses and the use of drops and ointment during recovery, which will maintain the health and comfort of your eyes. He will remove the stitches and evaluate your healing process during the first few days. For the most part, our Miami blepharoplasty patients return to work and resume normal activities within one to two weeks. Mild bruising and swelling can be expected for about one week, and it is also normal to experience puffiness and sensitivity to light for the first few days. Eyelid surgery helps to reverse signs of aging and can improve vision when the surgeon removes excess skin from the upper eyelids. Blepharoplasty can also refresh your eyes with outstanding, long-lasting results that improve the eye area for years. However, the surgery will not prevent future aging.

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Blepharoplasty Frequently Asked Questions

Above all, choosing to have plastic surgery is a personal decision. Dr. Baker will discuss your health history and possible risk factors with you during your consultation. You will also review consent forms before having the surgery that will list any potential risks. Possible eyelid surgery risks can include, for instance:

  • Bruising and swelling
  • Anesthesia complications
  • Incision line bleeding
  • Infection
  • Dry eyes and also sensitivity to bright light
  • Temporary or permanent changes in vision
  • Persistent pain
  • And, lastly, the possibility of revision surgery

The risks posed by eyelid surgery are greatly reduced when an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Stephan Baker performs the surgery. Be sure to choose an experienced blepharoplasty specialist when selecting your plastic surgeon.

Dr. Stephan Baker offers blepharoplasty among its services and is conveniently located at 3850 Bird Road, Suite 702, Miami, FL, 33146. Stephan Baker, MD FACS, has more than 20 years of experience performing cosmetic surgeries, such as brow lifts, facelifts, and blepharoplasty, in Miami, FL. Call 305–381–8837 to request a blepharoplasty consultation with cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Baker.

The eyelid tends to heal better than any other area of the body, meaning that scarring is minimal and usually fades naturally. Dr. Baker will discuss the incisions that he will use during your eyelid surgery, along with any potential for scarring, at your initial consultation. Dr. Baker places the incisions along the crease of the upper eyelid, where they are concealed within the natural fold of the eyelid. The lower eyelid surgery incision is created just along the lash line and is also naturally concealed. An inner incision within the lower eyelid may be created in order to remove excess fat and skin, and this incision is completely hidden.

Blepharoplasty with Dr. Baker is a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by insurance.

Non-invasive treatments like Botox® Cosmetic, for instance, relax the muscles around your eyes, in the frown and crow’s feet areas, and slightly elevate the outer brows; this may provide some improvement to your eyes. Injectable treatments such as JUVEDERM® fillers may be used to fill under-eye hollows and reduce dark shadows. However, blepharoplasty is still the best and only treatment to tighten the delicate skin on the upper eyelids, remove excess skin, or lift an eyelid that partially covers the eyes, causing vision problems.

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Achieve your goals with Dr. Stephan Baker

Dr. Baker offers an inimitable treatment experience with a highly personalized, precision-based approach. With extreme dedication, Dr. Baker takes the time to ensure that every detail of your treatment is designed uniquely for you with optimal safety, effectiveness, and compassion. Take the first step toward your best possible outcome by scheduling your in-office or virtual consultation with Dr. Baker today.

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