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The neck and jaw are often among the first areas of the body to display signs of aging. Strangely, they are often neglected in skincare routines or when people think about treating their facial wrinkles and lines. The truth is, if you only address signs of aging in your face and ignore your aging neck, the exceptional, age-reversing results that you seek will remain just out of your reach. Neck and facial rejuvenation expert Dr. Stephan Baker performs neck cosmetic surgery alone or in combination with a facelift to create a younger appearance, a sleeker neckline, and improved jaw definition. One of the region’s leading plastic surgeons, Dr. Baker offers outstanding neck lift results for men and women in Miami looking for comprehensive anti-aging results or patients with massive weight loss.

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What is a neck lift?

Gravity, time, collagen loss, and weakness in the neck muscles cause the neck to lose its strength and shape, resulting in droopy, poorly-defined contours in the face and neck. A neck lift is a surgical treatment that improves neck contours by resolving fatty deposits and jowls, tightening excess skin, and strengthening the platysma muscles to create a firm, youthful-looking neck and a more defined jawline. This plastic surgery can be performed alone or in combination with other procedures, such as a facelift, and is a great option for patients who have developed a “turkey wattle” appearance from sagging skin or a double chin from unwanted fat and a loose platysma muscle.

Why Choose Dr. Baker

Dr. Stephan Baker is a lifelong learner and relentless perfectionist with decades of experience in cosmetic surgery. He strives to deliver the best neck lift Miami has to offer. He has performed hundreds of neck lifts and approaches each procedure with a carefully planned, individualized approach. Dr. Baker is or has been, affiliated with the following institutions:

  • American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • New York University School of Medicine, New York, New York, Doctor of Medicine
  • General Surgery: Five-Year Residency/Chief Residency, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center, New York, New York
  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: Four Year Residency/Chief Residency/Fellowship with Dr. D. Ralph Millard Jr., MD, FACS, Hon. FRCS England, University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center, Miami, Florida
  • University of Miami, School of Business Administration, Miami, Florida, Exec. MBA-Health Administration, Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society
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“I do every procedure three times. I do it all in my head in advance. I do the actual surgery. I review it all from start to finish to look for ways to improve. This way, each procedure I do is my best work.”

Dr. Stephan Baker

Prepare for Optimal Results

Neck Lift Preparation and Procedure

Preparing for a Neck Lift

Once you schedule your surgery, Dr. Baker will provide you with pre-surgical preparations. These may include lab testing and obtaining a medical clearance from your general practitioner. We ask that you stop smoking at least three months before your surgery to encourage circulation and proper healing. Ask a family member or close friend to drive you to and from neck lift surgery at our Miami facility and to assist you for the first 24 hours. Dr. Baker will provide you with a list of medications and supplements, including aspirin and ibuprofen, to stop taking a couple of weeks before the surgery.

The Neck Lift Procedure

Dr. Baker’s attention to artistic and medical detail ensures that our Miami neck lift patients receive the best possible results. He designs a personalized procedure plan for each patient that addresses specific goals, which may include resolving a sagging neck or turkey wattle, vertical bands, excess fat and skin, a double chin, and/or lax muscles. Patients may have a combination surgery that includes a facelift and neck lift, but many neck lift patients, especially those under 40 years old, do not require additional facial surgery.

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If you are having combined surgery, Dr. Baker will explain the details of your procedure during the consultation. Neck lift surgery is performed with general and local anesthesia. Dr. Baker places a small incision behind each ear and beneath the chin to tighten the platysma muscle, improve the appearance of vertical banding, remove sagging neck skin and excess fat, and to reposition the neck muscles. Dr. Baker trims away excess skin and expertly repositions the tissue to reveal new contours. Liposuction may remove excess fat deposits to treat a double chin or define a rounded jawline.

Wide-Ranging Benefits

One Procedure, Many Benefits

Benefits of a Neck Lift

During neck lift surgery, Dr. Baker sculpts the neckline and jawline by removing the excess fat and neck skin to provide a feminine, delicate look for women or a masculine, chiseled look for men. A neck lift in Miami with Dr. Baker offers multiple facial and neck aesthetic benefits.

  • Firms the neck by tightening weak muscles
  • Improves vertical banding
  • Eliminates a double chin
  • Removes a turkey wattle
  • Enhances a sunken or hollow neckline
  • Removes excess skin
  • Provides a refreshed and sculpted neck
  • Lifts sagging neck skin

Most of our Miami neck lift patients also feel more confident and energized after their procedure, finding new enthusiasm for social activities.

Am I a candidate for a neck lift?

You may want to consider neck lift surgery if you are unhappy with the effects of aging in your neck and jaw area, especially if you are also considering another facial procedure, such as a facelift. Good candidates for a neck lift are adult men and women who are nonsmokers, in good health and have realistic plastic surgery expectations. Dr. Baker will determine your individual candidacy during your consultation and may suggest complementary procedures to help you reach your goals.

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Care You Can Trust

The Neck Lift Consultation

Transforming how you look and feel starts with a neck lift consultation at our Miami facility. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stephan Baker meets with each patient individually to assess their candidacy and to get to know their goals. During your consultation, you will review before and after photos and share your cosmetic face and neck goals with Dr. Baker. He will review your health history and examine your neck, facial structure, and skin tone before creating a plan just for you. You can expect Dr. Baker to provide you with outstanding care every step of the way. This is also an excellent opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Call us or schedule an appointment online.

Subtly Stunning Results

Recovering From a Neck Lift, Results, and Aftercare

Our staff will provide you with detailed instructions after your neck lift, and Dr. Baker will examine the surgical site during the first week to ensure proper healing. Tylenol or prescription pain medication will help alleviate any discomfort. Sleep with your head elevated to reduce the swelling and to protect the newly tightened muscles and contoured tissue. Follow all aftercare instructions and contact our office with any concerns. Most Neck Lift patients return to work within two weeks, but the recovery can vary depending on the individual. You can expect your neck to feel tight for a few weeks, and bruising and swelling is normal.

Maintaining Your Neck Lift Results

A neck lift provides permanent results but does not stop the clock on aging. To maintain a youthful neck after recovering from your surgery, you should continue to practice good sun protection, stick to a skincare routine, eat a healthy diet, and avoid tobacco products. Dr. Baker can make recommendations for maintaining your results and provide ongoing care as needed.

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Neck Lift SurgeryFrequently Asked Questions

The results of your neck lift can last years, but the exact number varies from person to person. Dr. Baker will provide you with a better understanding of your surgical expectations and can help you find practical ways to maintain your outstanding results. For example, a proper diet and a regular exercise routine can encourage long-lasting results. In most cases, Dr. Baker’s Miami patients experience neck lift results that last up to 10+ years.

Neck lift surgery is considered safe for healthy men and women and is typically recommended for patients ranging between 45 and 60 years old. Plastic surgeons minimize risk in many different ways, and patients who choose a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Baker to perform their procedure can greatly decrease their risks. Following all instructions provided for pre and post-operative care also helps to prevent complications. Risks, side effects, and complications associated with neck lift surgery include:

  • Bruising and swelling
  • Incision bleeding
  • Anesthesia complications
  • Infection
  • Changes in sensation
  • Scarring
  • Poor aesthetic outcome

A neck lift can be combined with other treatments and is often performed with a facelift to address jowls, double chin, sagging cheeks, soft facial skin, and a sagging neck together in one procedure. Your private consultation with Dr. Baker is the best time to discuss your cosmetic goals and surgical expectations. Dr. Baker might recommend neck lift combination treatments that may include a chin implant, brow lift, or eyelid rejuvenation. Combined treatments produce dramatic results, but neck lift patients receive outstanding results with a neck lift procedure alone.

Neck lift plastic surgery is the only treatment available to address the platysma muscle, excess skin, severe banding, poor skin elasticity, a turkey wattle, and other problematic issues caused by genetics and age. Liposuction is performed during the neck lift but can also be used alone on younger individuals with good skin tone and isolated fat beneath their chin or along the jawline. Botox can modify the appearance of muscle bands by relaxing the neck muscles. Dr. Baker will provide you with the best treatment options for your specific needs.

Dr. Baker creates a small neck lift incision behind both ears and under the chin, which will fade significantly over time. He is an expert surgeon specializing in precise incision placement for concealed, limited scarring. Following all recovery instructions is essential to prevent unfavorable scarring and infection.

After neck lift surgery, you will have time to rest and recover in privacy. We recommend that you fully recuperate before returning to work or attending public events to conceal the initial bruising and swelling. After the initial recovery is complete, your natural-looking results and camouflaged incisions will allow you to keep your surgery private. You can expect to receive numerous compliments on your appearance because you will look refreshed and rejuvenated.

Dr. Stephan Baker offers neck lift among other services, and is conveniently located at 3850 Bird Road, Suite 702 Miami, FL 33146.

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Dr. Baker offers an inimitable treatment experience with a highly personalized, precision-based approach. With extreme dedication, Dr. Baker takes the time to ensure that every detail of your treatment is designed uniquely for you with optimal safety, effectiveness, and compassion. Take the first step toward your best possible outcome by scheduling your in-office or virtual consultation with Dr. Baker today.

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