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Breast Augmentation With Dr. Stephan Baker

Disproportionately small breasts can prevent you from having the attractive, feminine curves you desire. For many women, having fuller breasts enhances their beauty and their confidence. Dr. Stephan Baker strives to deliver the best breast augmentations Miami has to offer. If your breasts are small or poorly shaped, breast augmentation surgery can help you achieve better-looking breasts.

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What is breast augmentation?

Breast Augmentation Overview

Breast augmentation, also called augmentation mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure to increase the size or change the shape of the breasts. The procedure involves either transferring fat to the breasts or inserting silicone or saline implants under the breast tissue or chest muscles. Breast augmentation is most commonly used to enlarge the breasts, correct asymmetry, and restore breast volume after weight loss or pregnancy.

Breast Augmentation with Dr. Stephan Baker

Dr. Stephan Baker is an internationally renowned board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast augmentation in Miami, FL. He utilizes implants in his breast augmentation procedures to increase breast size and reshape the breasts to enhance your appearance and help you reclaim your confidence.

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“I do every procedure three times. I do it all in my head in advance. I do the actual surgery. I review it all from start to finish to look for ways to improve. This way, each procedure I do is my best work.”

Dr. Stephan Baker

One Surgery With Multiple Benefits

What is achieved through breast augmentation?

Increased Size

Patients with small breasts can have a subtle or significant increase in breast size using implants. Breast augmentation can help create more attractive curves and enhance the silhouette of your body. The size of your implants is decided through a process called intraoperative sizing. The exact size of your implants, which gives your breasts the fullness and shape you desire, is chosen during your surgery. This helps ensure natural, proportionate results.

Better Shape & Enhanced Definition

Having poorly shaped breasts is an issue for many women with smaller breasts. They often present as pointed or triangular-shaped breasts. In other cases, the breasts lack definition or cleavage. With breast enhancement, low, moderate, or high implant projections are available to help reshape the breasts for a more attractive appearance and to provide more eye-catching definition.

Enhanced Confidence

Small breasts can be the result of nature, or volume loss can develop after pregnancy or during the aging process. Enlarging the breasts can provide curves that balance your body, allowing for clothing, swimsuits, and bras to fit better. Feeling comfortable with your body can boost your self-esteem. Enhanced confidence can improve other aspects of your life by increasing your self-image and positivity.

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Breast Augmentation Consultation

Before going forward with surgery, patients must attend a consultation with Dr. Stephan Baker. During this initial visit, be prepared to spend time discussing your surgical goals and expectations. Dr. Baker will examine you to evaluate your candidacy and to determine if your goals are realistic.

Before the meeting, take notes about any questions you have, and be sure to come prepared with a list of your medications and supplements, plus information on any current or previous medical conditions. Be honest about any smoking, alcohol, and drug use, as these habits can impact the results of the surgery. It’s important not to withhold any important medical information, as doing so could impact your safety and results. If you’re interested in learning more about breast augmentation in Miami, FL, or want to schedule a consultation with breast augmentation Miami surgeon Dr. Stephan Baker, please call us at (305) 381-8837 or fill out our online contact form.

Miami Breast Augmentation Surgeon Dr. Stephan Baker

Implant Types

Breast Implant Options in Miami

Breast implants can vary depending on your preferred size, shape, texture, and appearance. These are some of the options you can choose from for your breast augmentation:



  • A silicone shell containing a cohesive gel that retains its form when opened
  • FDA-approved for women 22 years or older
  • Best resembles the look and feel of natural breast tissue
  • Best for women with little or thin breast tissue


  • A silicone shell filled with a saltwater solution
  • FDA-approved for women 18 years or older
  • Prone to rippling or waving
  • May deflate



  • Circular implant shape that provides more breast projection
  • Provides fullness to the upper and lower breast
  • Less prone to wrinkling
  • Achieves a natural breast shape when properly sized


  • Tear-drop shape that slopes downward
  • May rotate, which can cause an unnatural breast shape

Implant Texture


  • Most often chosen with round implants because it allows for implant movement in the pocket
  • Less likely to cause visible rippling
  • Uses a thinner shell which better simulates natural breast tissue


  • Most often found on anatomical implants to reduce rotation in the breast pocket
  • May cause irregular scar tissue formation that can cause a rippled appearance
  • More often used for secondary augmentation patients who have a history of implants.

Addressing Any Breast Enhancement Concerns You May Have

Breast Augmentation Preparation and Procedure


There are a few things our Miami breast augmentation patients will need to do before the procedure. If you smoke, you should quit at least three months before the surgery, as smoking can cause complications and impede the healing process. At least two to three weeks prior to the surgery, you should stop taking any medications that can cause excess bleeding, including aspirin and ibuprofen. Your surgeon may also recommend other precautions depending on your medical history.


The procedure starts with general anesthesia so that you are asleep during the surgery. Once you are asleep, Dr. Baker will make an incision and separate the breast tissue from the chest muscles, creating a pocket. There are three different places a surgeon can make the incision to insert the breast implants:

  • Inframammary (in the crease or fold under the breast)
  • Periareolar (the tissue around the nipple)
  • Axillary (in the armpit)

The implant will then be placed inside the pocket. If you opt for saline implants, he will insert the implant shell and then fill the shell with sterile saline solution until the implant is the appropriate size. Once the implant is in place, Dr. Baker will center the implant so that it sits behind the nipple. Then he will close the incision with stitches and bandage it. The surgeon will then allow you to rest until you wake up naturally. Our Miami breast augmentation patients can go home as soon as the anesthesia wears off.

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Ensuring Optimal Results

Breast Augmentation Recovery, Results, and Aftercare

Immediately following your breast enhancement surgery, you will feel groggy from the anesthesia. Your new breasts might cause uncomfortable pressure on your chest. You will experience bruising, redness, and swelling between two and four weeks, after which the effects should begin to subside.

In the initial weeks following your surgery, you should avoid strenuous physical activities, especially anything that applies pressure to the chest. Depending on the level of activity, most patients find they can return to work within two weeks. You may be able to resume your regular exercise routine after three to four weeks with your doctor’s permission.

Maintaining your breast augmentation results

We want you to love your results and make an optimal recovery. You will be provided with detailed aftercare instructions, but we are always on hand to answer questions or address any concerns you have.

Breast Augmentation MiamiFrequently Asked Questions

There may be some postoperative pain, but many of our breast augmentation patients say it lasts only three to four days following their procedure. All pain is controlled using surgeon-prescribed oral medication.

Miami Plastic Surgeon Dr. Stephan Baker utilizes the periareolar or breast fold incision to place most implants. This technique limits the scar to be just around the colored transition between the areola and the skin or hidden in the breast fold. In most cases, the scarring is not visible. Most scarring is likely to fade over time.

The exact cost of breast augmentation surgery depends on several variables. Implant type, facility/anesthesia fees, and the number of follow-up visits all impact cost. Dr. Stephan Baker’s staff will provide you with a custom estimate during your consultation at his Miami office.

Some of our patients report decreased sensitivity in their nipples for a few weeks after their surgery, but nipple sensation will eventually return. Only patients with anatomically oversized breast implants that stretch their sensory nerves may have long-term decreased nipple sensation.

If the breast implant is suitably sized, it is unlikely to have any interference with milk production. Some women are unable to breastfeed regardless of implants. Also, due to skin laxity concerns, some women wait until after they have children to undergo breast augmentation to reduce the possibility of breast sagging later in life.

Most studies support the fact that breast implants, especially when placed behind the pectoral muscle, have little effect on the results of a mammogram. It is important to let your doctor know if you have breast implants when going in for a mammogram to ensure you have a mammographer who is experienced with breast implants. Patients with a family history of breast cancer should undergo a mammogram before breast augmentation surgery. Women over the age of 40 (with or without breast implants) should have routine mammograms.

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that breast implants cause breast cancer. Women with implants have the same chance of developing cancer as the general population (around 10 percent). Patients with a family history of breast cancer or severe fibrocystic breast disease might consider an evaluation by a breast oncologist before augmentation.

Breast asymmetry occurs when breasts are uneven, when one breast is larger than the other, or one breast has a different shape. Breast asymmetry is common and can present itself as subtle or significant differences. Utilizing two differently-sized implants can help improve breast asymmetry, but it is important to remember that no two breasts are ever exactly the same.

Many women who opt for breast augmentation do so after having children, as pregnancy can drastically alter the body. If you’re unhappy with the way your body looks after pregnancy, the Mommy Makeover can help enhance your body contour, appearance, and confidence. The makeover focuses on multiple areas in one procedure, including abdominal surgery, breast surgery, and liposuction to remove excess fat. Breast lift is also a popular breast enhancement procedure, often done hand-in-hand with the augmentation.

Every surgery carries some risk of complications. With breast augmentation, side effects could include:

  • Breast pain
  • Bruising
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Wrinkled or rippled skin at the site of the implant
  • Accumulation of fluid around the implant
  • Ruptured or leaking implants
  • Change in position of the implant
  • Changes in breast sensation

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Dr. Baker offers an inimitable treatment experience with a highly personalized, precision-based approach. With extreme dedication, Dr. Baker takes the time to ensure that every detail of your treatment is designed uniquely for you with optimal safety, effectiveness, and compassion. Take the first step toward your best possible outcome by scheduling your in-office or virtual consultation with Dr. Baker today.

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