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Why realistic expectations are important in Plastic Surgery

Why Realistic Expectations are Important in Plastic Surgery | Dr. Stephan Baker

Plastic surgery is a wonderful tool, but it needs to be chosen with realistic expectations.

In his famous Fables, Greek storyteller, Aesop, wisely said, "Appearances are often deceiving." This is true in the present day when we talk ourselves into expecting that looking good on the outside will solve all the problems we have on the inside. Plastic surgery is a wonderful tool, but it needs to be chosen with realistic expectations. If you're considering cosmetic treatment, are you aware if you have realistic or unrealistic expectations going into it? The following notes will help clarify whether you do or don't.

Unrealistic Expectations

You Can Look Like Someone Else: Celebrity-obsessed fans Toby Sheldon and Nicholas Ryan had multiple plastic surgeries to look like Justin Bieber and Ryan Gosling, respectively. Myla Sinanag underwent multiple procedures because she wanted a body like Kim Kardashian's. And then there was 22-year-old Sahar Tabar, who underwent 50 surgeries because she "would do anything to look like Angelina Jolie."

Although plastic surgery has made great strides, there is simply no way it can clone you. It's unrealistic to expect to look identical to your favorite star. There may be an expectation that post-surgery you'll also become larger than life, like your hero, or channel the star's power and sex appeal.

You're Getting Plastic Surgery for Revenge: Revenge plastic surgery is the name for surgery that patients seek if they're going through a breakup or divorce, and they want their partner to "see what they'll be missing." People also get revenge cosmetic surgery if their ex is with a younger partner, and they want to level the playing field with their competition. They also believe revenge plastic surgery will attract new partners and make the old ones jealous.

To Please Others: It's not wise to do something to please others, and this is especially true of a significant surgical procedure. If your boyfriend complains that your breasts are too small, you shouldn't get them enlarged just to make sure he doesn't leave you.

If your friends are all getting facelifts and are pressuring you to get one too, don't follow the crowd. Cosmetic surgery is very, very personal and subjective. It shouldn't be dictated by someone else, no matter how much you care about them or want their approval.

You're Trying to Make Up for Deeper Issues: Are you depressed? Lonely? Anxious? Disappointed? Plastic surgery may give you a temporary boost, but it won't resolve underlying issues. Think hard and honestly about why you want the procedure. Cosmetic surgery is real surgery and shouldn't be entered into lightly. It might be worthwhile to first see a licensed therapist and get to the source of your challenges.

Realistic Expectations

Minor Imperfections aren't a Big Deal: When you're able to keep things in perspective, you don't blow minor imperfections out of proportion. You're not fixated on a perceived defect, such as thinking a medium-sized mole on your face is hideously large or a small bump on your nose looks like Mt. Everest. If you keep things in perspective, you'll be much more objectively pleased with the outcome.

Also equally as important to note: nobody's perfect, even after plastic surgery. If you expect perfection, you're going to be disappointed. Perfect symmetry, whether in the human face or body, is virtually unheard of. However, plastic surgery CAN help. In the case of breast asymmetry, procedures like breast augmentation or breast lifts can help. Anticipating perfection after cosmetic surgery is a surefire way to be disappointed. Plastic surgery can improve your looks, but not perfect them.

Plastic Surgery Won't Change Your Life: If you have a healthy perspective about cosmetic surgery, you know it typically won't make you famous, rich or popular. The surgery will change your looks, but it won't magically make your life perfect. It won't change who you are inside, although it may give your confidence a boost.

You'll Need to Maintain the Results: Like anything new, you understand that once you've had a procedure done, you'll need to maintain it. If you get your thighs or tummy done, you understand that you'll still need to exercise and eat healthy to keep the weight from returning. If you get a facelift, you know you can't start skipping your bedtime moisturizer.

Good Communication is Essential for a Good Outcome: You understand that good results aren't merely contingent upon a surgeon's skills. They also rely on your ability to precisely communicate what you want. Talking as honestly and as specifically as possible will build a rapport between the two of you and keep you and your doctor on the same page. There's no limit to the questions you can ask, and be sure to field your surgeon's questions in detail.

You Won't See Results the Minute You Jump Off the Operating Table: People who have a healthy perspective about plastic surgery understand that patience is required during the recovery period. You'll need time to heal and may need to restrict your day-to-day activities or immobilize the affected body part. You know that everything needs time to "settle in place" and that it's worth the wait.

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