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Why Are My Breasts Smaller After My Pregnancy?

Why Are My Breasts Smaller After My Pregnancy?

We don't have to tell you that your body went through some pretty dramatic changes while you grew your baby. Now that your bundle of joy is here, and you are trying to develop a new "normal" routine, you may find yourself wondering when your body will return to its original look and feel. Many women expect belly changes, but what may take you by surprise is the appearance of your breasts. You may be like many who lose volume after pregnancy, and their breasts are smaller than before they had their baby. Why is that?

Breast Growth for Milk Ducts

Your breasts grow significantly during pregnancy because your milk ducts are coming in and filling with milk. Throughout nursing, your breasts will stay full. However, when you stop nursing, you slowly lose the ability to produce milk. Your milk-making cells shrink, and new fat cells are laid down. However, the new fat that is added may not create the same breast size or shape that existed before you were pregnant.

Breast Deflation, Not Volume Loss

You may not have lost any actual volume of your breasts; instead, they now look empty or deflated. This is the result of sagging that can occur after pregnancy. The rapid growth of your breast tissue can stretch the skin, making it weak. As the milk-making cells shrink, your breast tissue is incapable of regaining its original tone and firmness. Your breasts begin to droop. This process may start off as minor changes, but over months and years, your sagging can worsen.

Breast Enhancement After Pregnancy

The changes that have occurred in your breasts may have robbed you of the attractive shape and profile you used to have. When this happens, it can be difficult to accept your new body, and you shouldn't have to worry about that along with being a mom.

Breast Augmentation

You can consider breast augmentation following your pregnancy to improve the appearance of your breasts. We use implants to increase the size and also improve the shape of breasts that have lost volume. You can gain new fullness and cleavage with a breast augmentation that bras and inserts cannot provide.

Breast Lift

We will recommend a breast lift if you are satisfied with the size of your breasts, but have begun to experience laxity. If your breast tissue sits below the inframammary line or your nipples point downward, then you probably have ptosis of the breasts, With a breast lift we can reposition and support the tissue, so your breasts keep a more pleasing appearance.

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