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Buccal Fat Removal in Miami, FL

Achieve Balance and Contour

Full, round cheeks can be an indication of youth for some, but when they are out of proportion with the rest of the face or even the body, they can become an unwanted feature. Buccal Fat Removal can be used to precisely slim the cheeks for a more balanced cheek appearance. Dr. Baker strives to deliver the best Buccal Fat Removal Miami has to offer. Using advanced surgical techniques, this procedure is tailored to each patient's unique facial anatomy, ensuring a personalized and aesthetically harmonious outcome.

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Buccal Fat Removal with Dr. Stephan Baker

Our goal is to provide patients with options for transformation and confidence that are natural-looking and innovative. With board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stephan Baker in Miami buccal fat removal may be part of a treatment plan for more sleek, trim facial features.

What is Buccal Fat Removal?

Buccal lipectomy is a minimally invasive cosmetic surgery designed to sculpt and refine facial features by removing part of buccal fat pads, which can cause the appearance of large cheeks commonly known as "baby face" or "chipmunk cheeks." This relatively simple procedure can enhance facial harmony, create a more defined jawline, and achieve a slimmer appearance.

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“I do every procedure three times. I do it all in my head in advance. I do the actual surgery. I review it all from start to finish to look for ways to improve. This way, each procedure I do is my best work.”

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What can Buccal Fat Removal do for me?

If your cheeks look out of proportion, if they don't match your body type, or if your "baby face" never slimmed down despite being well into adulthood, cheek fat removal could help you see a more harmonious and contoured facial profile. Some key advantages seen by our Miami buccal fat removal patients include:

  • A more sculpted and defined facial structure
  • Reduce the appearance of chubby or out-of-proportion cheeks
  • Create a more well-defined and strong jawline
  • Tailored to your unique facial anatomy for a natural-looking outcome
  • Short recovery period
  • Boosted confidence
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Am I a candidate for Buccal Fat Removal?

As with any cosmetic surgery, candidates should be in overall good health, near their goal body weight, and be fully aware of all the possible outcomes of this procedure. Those who have disproportionately large cheeks and are already over 30 with a facial structure that has been fully developed are typically the best candidates.

When is Buccal Fat Removal not appropriate?

Those who are younger than 30, patients who only have a small amount of extra cheek fat, or those who are already starting to show any signs of body volume loss should carefully consider whether this surgery is right for them and may not be good candidates.

Preparation and Consultation

The best way to determine if you can be a suitable candidate for the buccal lipectomy procedure is to book a consultation with Dr. Baker. Every cosmetic surgery should be performed only after taking into consideration the patient's goals, likely genetic and aging pattern, and what it might look like in five or ten years. With cheek fat removal, this is especially important. Dr. Baker takes all the necessary steps to ensure he provides the treatment you need to look and feel your best, without any unnecessary interventions. If we decide to move forward with this procedure, you will also be provided with extensive preparation instructions.

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Buccal Fat Removal Procedure

Buccal fat pad removal is typically performed in an accredited ambulatory surgery center’ (or similar), using local, injected anesthesia and takes about one hour. Dr. Baker will delicately and skillfully extract a percentage of your body’s buccal fat pads to achieve the desired results. Dissolvable sutures will be used to close the incisions made inside your cheeks, so there is no need for removal.

Results, Aftercare, and Recovery

You may experience some mild swelling for a few weeks after the procedure, but incisions often heal within five to seven days. Final results often appear around 3-4 months.

Why choose Dr. Baker?

Dr. Stephan Baker is committed in all areas of his practice to providing procedures that enhance the appearance without being overdone or unnecessary to achieve great outcomes. Dr. Baker is board-certified and has a long list of stellar qualifications, including ongoing education and research. Along with being supremely trained and educated, Dr. Baker strives for excellence in every single surgery and is committed to his patient’s well-being.

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Buccal Fat Removal Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, cheek fat removal is safe and straightforward when it is performed by a qualified surgeon.

Buccal lipectomy is sometimes considered controversial simply because it isn’t for everyone and is sometimes performed on those who are not ideal candidates. Dr. Baker will be completely transparent about whether he believes this procedure is optimal for each individual patient during a consultation.

Over 90% of RealSelf patients rate this procedure as "worth it," but it's important to work with a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon to ensure it will provide the results you are seeking.

The cost of buccal fat removal depends on the scope of surgery and each patient's individual treatment plan.

This procedure is not covered by health insurance since it is considered an elective aesthetic surgery.

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