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How a Neck Lift Can Transform Your Facial Appearance

How a Neck Lift Can Transform Your Facial Appearance

Other factors can also age us, including our environment, gravity, heredity, and stress.

Facial skin begins to lose its firmness as we age, resulting in sagging skin along the jawline. Other factors can also age us, including our environment, gravity, heredity, and stress. Although exercising can tighten lax muscles on the body, neither diet nor exercise can fully correct loose skin and muscles on the neck. Regardless of your age, if your jowls and neck are areas of concern, then a neck lift (lower rhytidectomy) may be right for you. Removing excess skin and tightening neck muscles can define your jawline to restore youthful contours.

Benefits of a Neck Lift

After a neck lift, patients feel a boost of confidence because their necks no longer have vertical banding or draping skin that hangs down. Sagging excess skin and loose muscles can make you appear much older than you feel. Neck lifts are designed to tighten the neck muscles and pull the skin taut for a firmer appearance. An improved neck appearance may be all you need to feel your best.

Additional Contouring

A neck lift can be performed alone but is most often combined with other procedures. If you have a double chin, liposuction can be added to remove excess fat. A facelift is commonly combined with a neck lift to tighten skin on the face and maintain a balanced appearance. If drooping eyelids or puffiness surrounding the eyes is an issue, then eyelid surgery may be added to refresh the appearance of your eyes. Your preferences and goals will determine which procedures can achieve your desired results and should be discussed during your consultation with Dr. Baker. Communicating with your surgeon regarding any concerns you have will help them achieve your goals.

How to Maintain Your Rejuvenated Appearance

After your procedure, your skin will be transformed and appear much younger. However, the aging process will continue to affect your skin, resulting in additional wrinkles in the future. Fortunately, non-surgical fillers and injectables can be administered to help maintain your results and provide facial fullness. BOTOX® Cosmetic is another great option for addressing wrinkles such as crow's feet and horizontal lines along your forehead and eyebrows. Additional tips for extending your results include:

  • Wearing sunscreen and protecting your skin every day.
  • Adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle.
  • Reducing your stress levels.

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