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Bigger Isn't Always Better: Are Large Implants Over?

Bigger Isn't Always Better: Are Large Implants Over?

Over the years, breast implant removal surgery has been seen as a procedure to improve the appearance of implants that are 10 to 15 years old. However, as the ideal body image changes, we are seeing more women choose to undergo implant removal surgery to create a better-shaped breast appearance. If you've been one of these women wondering if the size of your implants was the proper choice, here are some reasons you should consider removing and/or replacing your overly large implants.

When choosing a breast implant, it is essential to pick one that will nicely complement your current body shape.

Crafting Your Sexier Look

There is a misnomer that the biggest breasts are the most attractive. While some women have the body shape for larger breasts, many women are looking to increase the size of their small breasts for a more balanced and sexier look. Like with cars, the sports car is seen as the hot, sleeker choice over the bulky SUV because of its harmonious and luxury design.

When choosing a breast implant, it is essential to pick one that will nicely complement your current body shape. There has been a recent push that the more attractive results are the ones that look most natural. Implants that are overly large can often create an unnatural and fake appearance. While this may be ideal for some women, for others, it is merely distracting and does not help them achieve the confident, sexy look they desired.

Better for Your Breasts Long-Term

Implants can have a long-term impact on the look and shape of your breasts. The larger and heavier your implants, the more significant this impact is. Breast tissue, a combination of skin, muscle, fascia, and fat, hold the breast implant in the proper position in the implant pocket. The connective fibers that keep the breast skin taut and perky are subject to gravity and degradation. Large implants that weight more break down the breast tissue faster, which is more likely to lead to a sagging breast appearance and poor implant placement over time.

Choosing to go with implants that are smaller places less pressure on the tissues of the breasts. Many women will find that the quality of their breast augmentation is better after extended periods of time when they choose a more modestly sized implant that creates attractive breasts.

Implant Removal or Implant Exchange?

While the popular trend is to go with more appropriately sized implants these days, that may not have been the case with your implant choice. At the time, you might have been drawn to the look of a more enhanced bustline, or your previous plastic surgeon made a poor size recommendation based on your body type. No matter the reason, removing and replacing your implant may be the best option to help you achieve the actual look you wish to achieve. There is nothing wrong with being dissatisfied with the results of your breast augmentation, even if the feeling has developed years after your initial surgery. The goal is always to look and feel confident. If that isn't you anymore, it's ok to consider corrective action.

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