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Benefits of Breast Reduction

The weight of large breasts can create pressure on the spine, which can lead to chronic back and neck pain. Discomfort caused by heavy breasts can impact the type of activities you feel comfortable performing. Running, swimming, and yoga are just some of the things you may avoid if you have large breasts. Reducing the weight of your breasts can provide you with the relief you need from your chronic pain.

Breast Reduction Options


  • An incision is created around the outer edge of each areola and vertically down the lower breast tissue. Another incision runs along each breast fold.
  • Through these incisions, droopy and excess breast skin and fat are removed, which works to reshape the breasts.
  • While these incisions may leave some visible scarring, most women feel that the overall improvement in their breast appearance is worth the temporary scarring.
Breast Lift Techniques

Breast Lift Techniques

  • You may find that your large breasts also have some degree of sagging to them.
  • During the reshaping process, Dr. Baker utilizes breast lift techniques to position the breasts higher on the chest.
  • A breast lift can provide you with more attractive breasts and longer-lasting results.
Areola Resizing

Areola Resizing

  • Women with large breasts may also have enlarged areolas.
  • When improving the size of the breasts, the areolas should also be addressed to maintain a natural and balanced appearance.
  • The size and position of the areolas can be improved during your breast reduction.
Addressing Any Concerns You May Have

Immediately following your surgery, you will feel groggy from the anesthesia, and your newly shaped breasts might feel uncomfortable. You will experience bruising, redness, and swelling that will last between two and four weeks. Throughout your recovery, you should wear a specialty support bra. In the initial weeks following your surgery, you should avoid strenuous physical activities, especially anything that applies pressure to the chest. Depending on the level of activity their job involves, most patients can return to work within two weeks. You may be able to resume your regular exercise routine after three to four weeks with your doctor’s permission.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Reduction
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