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12 Signs You Might Need a Breast Reduction

Before and After Breast Reduction

Before and After Breast Reduction

Overly large breasts can be a surprising burden. If your breasts are oversized, here are 12 signs you might need a breast reduction.

1. You struggle to find bras that fit and provide adequate support.

Finding a comfortable bra is difficult enough, let alone finding a bra that fits and provides enough support. For most women with large breasts, a good everyday bra and a good sports bra are hard to come by and very expensive.

2. You have shoulder grooves from your bra straps.

Many large bra sizes have wide straps to increase their support for heavier breasts. Unfortunately, overburdened bra straps can leave permanent grooves in your shoulders from supporting overly large breasts.

3. You suffer from head, neck, back, and shoulder pain from the weight of your breasts.

All the pressure and weight of oversized breasts can put a lot of strain on your neck, back, shoulder, and head. You may be suffering from chronic pain due to your breast size.

4. You're used to embarrassing catcalls and unwanted attention.

Objectification is familiar to women with curves. Embarrassing catcalls and unwanted attention may happen to you so frequently that you've either developed anxiety or really thick skin.

5. You struggle to find clothing that fits or have most of your clothes tailored.

Forget about finding cute or fashionable clothes; for large-busted women, it's about trying to find clothes that fit. Chances are you are constantly spending money to get all your clothing tailored or custom-made.

6. You struggle to find age-appropriate or conservative clothing.

Fashion designers either avoid designing clothing for busty women or often design only sexy and alluring clothing styles. Not every young or adult woman with large breasts wants to show them off, and you may struggle to find age-appropriate or more conservative clothing.

7. You get rashes beneath your breasts from your skin rubbing.

Constant friction is not good for the skin. The area beneath your breasts may be rubbed raw or develop rashes due to skin chafing.

8. You can't stand or sit up straight for very long.

Most people don't enjoy standing or sitting up straight for long periods of time. Having large breasts can make this even more difficult and painful as gravity pulls you down in the front.

9. You're limited in how much you can exercise or play sports.

Large breasts frequently get in the way of exercise. They can block your movements, slow you down, or bounce so much that they cause you excruciating pain.

10. You have premature breast sagging from overweight breasts.

The weight of heavy breasts stretches out the skin at an accelerated rate. As a result, many younger women with large breasts have premature breast sagging.

11. Your body looks out of proportion.

Just because you have naturally larger breasts doesn't mean that your body looks natural. Large breasts may cause you to look disproportionate or top heavy.

12. You're dissatisfied with your body.

In the end, having large breasts may make you feel dissatisfied with your body. Body dissatisfaction can diminish your self-confidence and negatively affect many aspects of your life.

Breast reduction surgery removes excess breast tissue to create smaller breasts. Patients who undergo breast reduction are usually highly satisfied with the results. Your new body shape can change your life and relieve many, if not all, of the above negative symptoms.

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