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Brow Lift Options

The lateral brow lift targets only the brow droop along the outer sides of the eyebrows and addresses the lateral hooding on the sides of the upper eyelid. The rest of the forehead and brow are left unaltered. This limited droop is not uncommon among facelift patients. Each lateral brow lift is customized to the patient to target the patient’s specific needs and goals. Lateral brow lifts are a nice adjunctive procedure to refresh the outer aspect of the eye.

The Dr. Baker Difference
Dr. Baker is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Miami with extensive knowledge of the structures of the face. His artistic precision and dedication to achieving optimal aesthetic results play a primary role in providing his patients with natural-looking results. He operates out of a fully accredited surgical center to maximize patient safety, and he personally oversees his patients’ recovery. His passion sets him apart from others in his field in Miami.
Addressing Any Concerns You May Have

Immediately following your surgery, you may experience some bruising, swelling, and mild to moderate discomfort. You should rest with your head slightly elevated for several days to avoid additional swelling. Dr. Baker will personally see you in his office every few days for the first week following your surgery to ensure you are healing properly.

You should not exert yourself during the first two weeks following your surgery, and you should avoid direct sun exposure. Bruising and swelling will be evident but will subside after about seven days, allowing you to re-engage socially. Your final results should be visible after four weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brow Lift Surgery
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