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What Is Achieved With Nose Surgery?

A large or small nose can create dissonance among your facial features. A poorly sized nose can contribute to the appearance of a receding chin. Many teens struggle with a nose that is too large for their face, which is often a source of teasing from their peers. Reshaping your nasal appearance helps bring about facial harmony, restoring a balanced and attractive appearance.

Nose Surgery Options


The goal of nose surgery is to create a new and improved nasal shape while maintaining a natural and balanced appearance. Nose surgery lasts about one and a half hours and is performed entirely by Dr. Baker. Your nose is shaped by gently removing and repositioning nasal structures, sometimes also by adding cartilage. The length of your nose is improved, and humps or bridges are slimmed down.



The incision best suited for you will depend on the type of correction required to achieve your desired results.

  • Closed techniques place all incisions inside of the nasal passages. While some visibility is obscured, a skilled surgeon is still able to achieve dramatic, flawless results. Closed techniques may be preferred because they do not result in any visible scarring.
  • Open techniques place incisions at the base of the nose and along the nostrils. This allows for more extensive, more visible access to the underlying structures of the nose, but it may result in some scarring.


Septoplasty is a specialized nose surgery technique designed to treat a deviated septum. During septoplasty, the cartilage separating your nasal passages is modified to improve airflow. Septoplasty can also reduce the size of enlarged turbinates in the nose that may be affecting airflow. It is important that the cause of your nasal obstruction is diagnosed by an ENT before your septoplasty.

Addressing Any Concerns You May Have

You will experience bruising and swelling of your nose and face following your procedure. Nasal packing helps prevent bleeding, and splints support your healing nasal structures. You will return the day following your surgery for the nasal packing to be removed. You should rest for several days with your head elevated to minimize excess swelling.

You will have personal visits with Dr. Baker in Miami every two to three days for the first two weeks to have a nasal cleaning. You should avoid strenuous physical activities for four weeks following your procedure. While major swelling begins to subside after three to six weeks, your nose may still be tender. Follow-up care is provided monthly for a year following your surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nose Surgery
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