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Dr. Stephan Baker, a native of Germany, combines European artistry with German precision for optimal, natural looking results which is the basis of his aesthetic philosophy.  His practice is based on integrity and honesty; only safe and effective treatments in the best interest of a patient are recommended, using the least invasive approach available while always striving for optimal aesthetic results. Patient aspirations and expectations, as well as anatomic realities, are thoroughly evaluated before defining an individualized treatment plan.  To optimize safety, Dr. Baker performs surgery only in a fully accredited hospital owned/ operated outpatient surgery center. The entire surgery is performed by Dr. Baker himself.  After surgery care also is provided by Dr. Baker himself, starting the day after surgery and every other day thereafter until early recuperation is complete.

Dr. Stephan Baker and his team understand that taking care of patients is a privilege and are dedicated to optimizing every patient’s aesthetic results and overall experience.