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Posted July 28, 2017 in Mommy Makeover

Dr. Baker Mommy Makeover case A complaint we hear from most moms is that their bodies haven’t felt the same way since they’ve had their children. If your body isn’t feeling the way it used to now that you’ve had children, you are not alone. Women undergo a major transformation while pregnant, and it can be unrealistic to expect your body to bounce back after those changes. It’s ok to be frustrated that your tummy isn’t firm like it once was, or to feel as if your breasts have lost all of their attractive shape. You are within your rights to want your pre-baby body back; let’s take a moment to discuss why it’s about time you treated yourself to a Mommy Makeover.

You Made a Human

Society seems to forget that being pregnant results in a tiny, perfect human. To do that, you sacrifice your body for nine months. You undergo physical changes and eat a healthy diet, and maybe you can’t do things you used to love because you are helping your tiny baby grow healthy and strong. You are a trooper and a warrior; you deserve to feel amazing about yourself because you are.

You Can’t Do It All Yourself

Many people seem caught up in the idea that you should be able to restore your body if you only diet and exercise hard enough after your pregnancy. This myth is perpetuated by the Hollywood elites who look flawless just weeks after birth. The truth is, genetics play a significant role in the types of changes your body will experience throughout your pregnancy. No amount of diet and exercise will help you firm sagging skin, tighten separated muscles, or restore volume to your breasts. You can’t do these things yourself, but a Mommy Makeover can help you achieve your postpartum look.

Looking Great Helps You Feel Great

Your family functions best when you feel your best. Postpartum insecurities with your body may cause you to lose confidence with your appearance. Not feeling comfortable with your physique may dampen your social life, and it might affect the relationship you have with your partner. All moms deserve to look and feel amazing themselves, and your family deserves a confident you as well!

Don’t think that just because you’re a mom means that you aren’t entitled to looking fantastic. Whether you’ve lost volume in your breasts, lost tone in the abdomen, or have stubborn fat deposits, we can help you reclaim your body.

Schedule your Mommy Makeover consultation with Dr. Baker and see how you can transform your body. Call our office at (305) 859-4729, or you can contact us online.