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Non-surgical rejuvenation options are popular these days. But before you sign up, become well educated before spending your money.

Two recent patients illustrate the point:

One patient had belly fat freezing (CoolSculpting®). She had no improvement and was upset that she had spent $2,500. What she needed was a tummy tuck, but the non-surgical option seemed easier. She ended up having a tummy tuck.

The other patient wanted to improve her neck which had become slack. She was recommended to have Ulthera® (focused ultrasound therapy) for skin tightening. The treatment made no difference, and she was upset that she spent $5,000 with nothing to show for it. What she needed was a neck lift.

Neither patient was able to obtain a refund.

If you choose a non-surgical rejuvenation option, understand what it can and cannot accomplish. See a reputable and experienced doctor who can properly diagnose your condition and make recommendations that will improve your life and not just the provider’s bottom line. Also, understand potential complications and their management, which exist with any procedure.