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BOTOX® Cosmetic and facial fillers are both used for facial enhancement. Even so, they are not the same thing. They differ in what they are made of, how they are used, and in other characteristics. Here are some of the key differences between 
BOTOX® Cosmetic and facial fillers.

shutterstock_133511165BOTOX® Cosmetic

  • What is it?: BOTOX® Cosmetic is an injectable material used for facial enhancement.
  • What is it made of?: BOTOX® Cosmetic is made of a protein neurotoxin called botulinum toxin type A.
  • How does it work?: When injected into the facial muscles, BOTOX® Cosmetic temporarily blocks the nerves. This action prevents them from moving or contracting.
  • Where is it used?: BOTOX® Cosmetic is used around the eyes and in the areas above and between the brows.
  • What does it correct?: BOTOX® Cosmetic corrects crow’s feet, frown lines, and moderate to severe forehead lines. Using BOTOX® Cosmetic in these areas can soften the eyes and raise the outer brows.
  • How long do results last?: Results with BOTOX® Cosmetic last for three to six months. Treatment can be repeated to uphold the desired effect.

Facial Fillers

  • What are they?: Facial fillers broadly refer to dermal injectable materials used for facial enhancement. Popular fillers include Restylane® and JUVÉDERM®.
  • What are they made of?: Most facial fillers are made of hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural substance that keeps the skin hydrated, firm, and plump.
  • How do they work?: Facial fillers fill out areas of the skin that lack volume.
  • Where are they used?: Facial fillers can be used on the lips and forehead as well as around the eyes, mouth, and nose.
  • What do they correct?: Fillers can correct wrinkles such as nasolabial folds, perioral marionette lines, forehead lines, and lines around the eyes. They can also restore volume in sunken areas and enhance the size and shape of the lips.
  • How long do results last?: Results from facial fillers last for up to six months, and treatment can be repeated to uphold the desired effect.

Facial enhancement with BOTOX® Cosmetic and/or facial fillers can soften your face, eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, and restore volume loss to create a more youthful appearance. To schedule your consultation for facial enhancement with Dr. Baker today, please call (305) 859-4729 or complete our online contact form.